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You can buy a ski pass directly at the hotel


 Operating hours Horbergbahn: 02.12.2017 to 15.04.2018 *
Operating hours Penkenbahn: 02.12.2017 to 15.04.2018 *
Operating hours Ahornbahn: 16.12.2017 to 15.04.2018 *
* The operating times can change due to weather conditions

Open until 24 December 2017 daily from 8.30 am to 5 pm;
From 25 December 2017 every day already from 8.00 clock.
Please note: last ride at 16.30 hrs. Due to the extensive ski area we ask for a timely return to the cableway, which you came to the ski area.
The lifts in the ski area are generally open daily from 9 am to 4 pm. The start of operation can shift depending on the weather (especially after snowfall).

Chip cards: In order to offer comfortable and stress-free skiing and snowboarding pleasure, the ski passes are programmed on contactless chip cards. For the chip cards, a deposit of € 2.00 will be required, which will be returned in full if the chip card is returned undamaged at one of our return points. Payment with debit card, VISA and Mastercard possible at all cash desks!
On request, we will be pleased to send you our special group rates and conditions.

Information according to § 24 DSG 2000 to "Photocompare"

It is pointed out that for the purpose of the access control, a reference photo of the lift card owner / the lift card owner is made at the first crossing of a turnstile equipped with a camera. This reference photo is compared by the elevator personnel with the photos which are produced each time a camera is equipped with a turnstile. The reference photo is deleted immediately after expiry of the validity of the lift ticket, the other photos are deleted no later than 30 minutes after the respective crossing of a turnstile. It should be noted that there is also the possibility to purchase lift tickets, which are technically configured in such a way that no photo is made when the turnstile is crossed, but in this case sample checks by the lift personnel have to be expected.



Ticketart / alle Preisangaben in Euro
Gültig auf allen Anlagen des Zillertales
vom 02. Dezember 2017 bis 15. April 2018
2 Tage102,5082,0046,00
2,5 Tage ab 12.00 Uhr122,5098,0055,00
3 Tage143,50114,5064,50
3,5 Tage ab 12.00 Uhr164,50131,5074,00
4 Tage179,00143,0080,50
5 Tage214,50171,5096,50
6 Tage249,00199,00112,00
7 Tage282,50226,00127,00
8 Tage 313,50251,00141,00
9 Tage 343,50275,00154,50
10 Tage 374,00299,50168,50
11 Tage 403,50323,00181,50
12 Tage 431,50345,00194,00
13 Tage 459,00367,50206,50
14 Tage 487,00389,50219,00
15 Tage 512,50410,00230,50
16 Tage 536,00428,50241,00
17 Tage 559,00447,50251,50
18 Tage 582,50466,00262,00
19 Tage 602,50482,00271,00
20 Tage 617,00493,50277,50
21 Tage 632,50506,00284,50
4 in 6 Tage 198,00158,5089,00
5 in 7 Tage232,00186,00104,50
6 in 7 Tage 259,00207,00116,50
10 in 14 Tage 403,50323,00181,50



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